Yearbook Layout Ideas

Major events in that year

2. School years are much more than that; they are the foundation of your personality. Also, class dividers can have a film reel with the pictures of the students in that class.

Colophon is the page where credits to the staff is given. If the school has won a tournament, it can be used as the main image.

The other idea for the same can be a small message from one of the students on the section with images. Another way can be to cut out a square or a circle from the cover, giving the feel of a window. Cover pages are categorized into – Soft cover and Hard cover. The names of the teaching and non-teaching staff are listed in this page.

A message from the principal can be used as the starting page for the colophon section. This is a landscape yearbook design.

Another idea: You can use the group photo of the entire teaching staff as the page background and imprint the school mission on it.


Quick Fact: Software for digital yearbooks are YearBook Alive and SpryBook.


The school years are wonder years and that is sort of an understatement, actually. This cover page has the theme “Impressions”, hence the use of a hand imprint.

Another idea: Apart from the above, you can make a collage or stick a photograph of the popular hangout places of your school. Their experiences, views or comments on the school can be used as fillers.

The other idea for this page is to use motion pictures of the categories mentioned in the index. Recycled Paper: For eco-friendly covers. The year or the school name can make up for the remaining space. Cherish your copy as well as all those lovely memories!

Apart from the above, the other pages that can be a part of the yearbook are:

1. This is nothing but an entrapment of the antics and achievements of your school life. The images can have effects, making each one different from the other.

The other idea for the cover page can be a message. Stick a relevant picture on the next page so that it can be seen through that window.

Quick Fact: The first Digital Yearbook Page (DYP) was created by South Eugene High School, 1990.

We all miss our school days, and yearbooks are a great way to remind ourselves of the wonderful schooling years. Autograph page

These are very important, as the content of the entire yearbook is summarized here. Memorial Page : The page is dedicated to the deceased students and staff members.

4. Eco-friendly covers are the new concept that are considered environment-friendly as the material used is recycled waste. Also, thermal binding is used for keeping the pages together in eco-friendly yearbooks. The easiest way to revisit your school memories is through a school yearbook. Stick to the contemporary feel as much as possible. Class pictures

3. Luxury leather: For hard covers

3. The way in which you make it matters a lot because you are going to cherish those memories for a long time!

Pages in a Yearbook

Quick Fact: NSPA Pacemaker and CSPA Crown awards are given to the best yearbook of the year.

Cover Page

Divider Pages

While starting off with the cover page, be creative but do not overdo it. The materials given below can be used to make the cover of the yearbook.

1. The headings can be catchy to grab the attention of the reader.

Another idea: You can give pictures of the main pages of each section to provide a glimpse of the content that’s going to feature in the book.

? Cover Page

? Index Page

? Colophon

? Divider Page

Quick Fact: The Oldest yearbook was published in Canada in September 1857.

The feel and the look of the book can be enhanced by using appropriate material for its cover. This will, however, require many pages dedicated for staff credit alone. In case the page is dull, the readers will be turned off.

You can use the pictures of the editors of particular sections like sports, academics, etc., as the main image on the index page. It gives the introduction of the upcoming section. This is a landscape yearbook layout.

Another idea: An academics section can have the picture of the school toppers. It can have relevant images as per the next section.

For a sports divider section, the most popular game played by the students can be used as the theme. Do not be too futuristic or too outdated.

It can be kept very simple. Add a few pictures of the sports events that took place in the academic year. It is also called section divider page. Use the pictures of the students who will be graduating that year as the cover page. Ads

5. Silk matte and glossy paper: For soft covers

2. Each section should start with a divider page. This will give the book a personalized touch as all students will be a part of the book. A small message by him/her for the students will be encouraging.

The other layout can be made with small pictures of the teaching staff with messages from each of them

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