Which video blackjack machines pay out the best?

All it takes to find a loose video blackjack game is a short read-through of the rules. These blackjack games are pretty boring.. There is no pay table that the casino can adjust with blackjack, but the casino can still alter the payout of the machine through the use of employing different sets of rules for the games.

If you are an ardent slot player, you have probably already been told that the best way to judge a slot machine payout is by using the pay tables. This can increase the payouts to more than 95 percent. The newest machines popping up around the country feature virtual dealers and room for several people to play at once like a live table game. By reading these pay tables and comparing them, you can tell which machines are the “tightest” or “loosest.” The same thing can be done with video blackjack machines. Similarly, there are a lot of slot players who like blackjack but are too intimidated or don’t like playing live blackjack, so they instead turn to the video version. If you would like to subscribe to this page, it’s free and easy to do by hitting the subscribe button at the top of this article.

Like video poker, video blackjack uses a random number generator to determine which cards are dealt in a type of “virtual shuffle.” The casino cannot change how the random deal is handled by the machine. Not all video blackjack games are created equal, however.

The loosest games actually pay 3 to 2 like a standard live-dealt game and allow doubling down even after splitting. Pay tables are either printed right on the outside of a slot machine or can be accessed via a menu button on the machine. It’s well worth your time to walk around the casino and check out a number of different games, or to go to different casinos and see which ones have the loosest video blackjack in the South Bend/ Michiana area. Payouts are usually at least 93 percent, better than many slot or keno games. One player can even play seven hands at a time — something you can’t do on a live game.

Look for looser versions of the game that allow splitting pairs and doubling down on 10 or 11. The question most often asked about video blackjack, just like any other slot machine is, “which video blackjack games pay out the most?”

When you hit the “help” or “see pays” button on the video blackjack slot, instead of a paytable, a list of rules will come up. This is not very common, however, as this boosts payouts to 99 percent or better. Some of these will be covered in future articles. The games with the tightest rules don’t allow insurance, surrender, splits, or doubling down. This is often offset by only giving even money for a blackjack payout, though.

Many table games players in the South Bend area like to change things up from time to time and play video blackjack. Some games make things more fun by giving an automatic win for any six-card hand totalling 21 or less

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