WAG model Sylvie Van Der Vaart on losing her hair and beating breast cancer

I looked at myself and I thought, “Youre right”.

‘For me, it was as if a bomb had gone off under our lives. Whetheryou are rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, young or old, cancer knows noboundaries.’

She now wears a close-cropped pixie style after her treatment caused her hair to fall out.

The model and television presenter, who moved to the UK in August, after her 27-year-old husband’s 8m transfer from Real Madrid, was once known for her long blonde locks.

But while the 32-year-old wife of Tottenham star Rafael Van Der Vaart appears to live a charmed life, she says she was just like every other woman when she learned she had breast cancer.

She added that her greatest triumph since recovering has been winning that contract as the face – and hair – of L’Oreal.

‘I didnt look down to see my hair on the floor. He said, “Of course, I love you for who youare”.’

‘So he took his wax out of his wash bag, stood behind me in front ofthe mirror and did my hair.

But even before the results confirmed the presence of cancer, Sylvie demanded that the lump be removed. That was one of the most romantic things hehas ever done for me.

She described how she went to a hairdresser as soon as she began losing her famous curls, and asking staff to cover the mirrors as they shaved her head.. ‘I asked Rafael if he wantedto see me without hair. Then theyfitted my wig and after washing and blow-drying they uncovered themirror.’

Charmed life: The Dutch model and television presenter was famous for her long blonde hairCharmed life: The Dutch model and television presenter was famous for her long blonde hair

‘I just knew this thing didnt belong in my body. Then you are just a woman,’ she told the Sunday Mirror.

Now Sylvie has embraced her new look and says that she doesn’t think she will ever grow it long again.

It was eight weeks before she could bear to inspect her scalp – but, she discovered, she need not have been so scared.

Throughout her treatment Sylvie continued to work as a judge on Germany’s Got Talent, wearing a wig for the duration.

She described how a gesture from her husband just a few weeks previously had inspired her to love her short hair.

‘I was at home without a wig and my husband told me,’You know what, Sylvie, I just love your short hair. I just wanted it out,’ she said.

Sylvie and her husband, who are parents to four-year-old Damian, first discovered a lump back in April 2009.

‘Its funny, the moment you dread the most, seeing yourself bald, isactually not such a bad moment at all. You should put wax in it.”

Brave moment: Sylvie's husband gave her the confidence to appear on Germany's version of Strictly without her wigBrave moment: Sylvie’s husband gave her the confidence to appear on Germany’s version of Strictly without her wig

‘I knew it would crush me if I saw myself with no hair atthat point,’ she revealed.

ByTamara Abraham for MailOnline

Updated: 04:35 EST, 15 December 2010

It wasn’t until a subsequent appearance on Germany’s version of Strictly that she removed her wig, live on television, following a standout waltz to Kelly Clarksons A Moment Like This.

‘For a woman who was bald six months ago thats not so bad,’ she said. It was a drastic decision that possibly saved her life.

Sylvie, who is now in remission following a gruelling six-month course of chemotherapy, said no degree of luxury could protect her from the disease.

Survivor: Sylvie van der Vaart with her Tottenham star husband Rafael in JulySurvivor: Sylvie van der Vaart with her Tottenham star husband Rafael in July

As a judge on Germany’s Got Talent, the face of LOreal Professional haircare and a Premiership footballer husband, Sylvie Van Der Vaart appears to have it all.

Aware of the fact that her mother had suffered from breast cancer at just 39, she says she knew she had to do something, and her doctor immediately performed a biopsy to determine the nature of the problem.

‘All theluxuries in the world are no protection against that moment when youare told the diagnosis. I think you lookway more beautiful than with your wig on

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