Yearbook Layout Ideas

Major events in that year

2. School years are much more than that; they are the foundation of your personality. Also, class dividers can have a film reel with the pictures of the students in that class.

Colophon is the page where credits to the staff is given. If the school has won a tournament, it can be used as the main image.

The other idea for the same can be a small message from one of the students on the section with images. Another way can be to cut out a square or a circle from the cover, giving the feel of a window. Cover pages are categorized into – Soft cover and Hard cover. The names of the teaching and non-teaching staff are listed in this page.

A message from the principal can be used as the starting page for the colophon section. This is a landscape yearbook design.

Another idea: You can use the group photo of the entire teaching staff as the page background and imprint the school mission on it.


Quick Fact: Software for digital yearbooks are YearBook Alive and SpryBook.


The school years are wonder years and that is sort of an understatement, actually. This cover page has the theme “Impressions”, hence the use of a hand imprint.

Another idea: Apart from the above, you can make a collage or stick a photograph of the popular hangout places of your school. Their experiences, views or comments on the school can be used as fillers.

The other idea for this page is to use motion pictures of the categories mentioned in the index. Recycled Paper: For eco-friendly covers. The year or the school name can make up for the remaining space. Cherish your copy as well as all those lovely memories!

Apart from the above, the other pages that can be a part of the yearbook are:

1. This is nothing but an entrapment of the antics and achievements of your school life. The images can have effects, making each one different from the other.

The other idea for the cover page can be a message. Stick a relevant picture on the next page so that it can be seen through that window.

Quick Fact: The first Digital Yearbook Page (DYP) was created by South Eugene High School, 1990.

We all miss our school days, and yearbooks are a great way to remind ourselves of the wonderful schooling years. Autograph page

These are very important, as the content of the entire yearbook is summarized here. Memorial Page : The page is dedicated to the deceased students and staff members.

4. Eco-friendly covers are the new concept that are considered environment-friendly as the material used is recycled waste. Also, thermal binding is used for keeping the pages together in eco-friendly yearbooks. The easiest way to revisit your school memories is through a school yearbook. Stick to the contemporary feel as much as possible. Class pictures

3. Luxury leather: For hard covers

3. The way in which you make it matters a lot because you are going to cherish those memories for a long time!

Pages in a Yearbook

Quick Fact: NSPA Pacemaker and CSPA Crown awards are given to the best yearbook of the year.

Cover Page

Divider Pages

While starting off with the cover page, be creative but do not overdo it. The materials given below can be used to make the cover of the yearbook.

1. The headings can be catchy to grab the attention of the reader.

Another idea: You can give pictures of the main pages of each section to provide a glimpse of the content that’s going to feature in the book.

? Cover Page

? Index Page

? Colophon

? Divider Page

Quick Fact: The Oldest yearbook was published in Canada in September 1857.

The feel and the look of the book can be enhanced by using appropriate material for its cover. This will, however, require many pages dedicated for staff credit alone. In case the page is dull, the readers will be turned off.

You can use the pictures of the editors of particular sections like sports, academics, etc., as the main image on the index page. It gives the introduction of the upcoming section. This is a landscape yearbook layout.

Another idea: An academics section can have the picture of the school toppers. It can have relevant images as per the next section.

For a sports divider section, the most popular game played by the students can be used as the theme. Do not be too futuristic or too outdated.

It can be kept very simple. Add a few pictures of the sports events that took place in the academic year. It is also called section divider page. Use the pictures of the students who will be graduating that year as the cover page. Ads

5. Silk matte and glossy paper: For soft covers

2. Each section should start with a divider page. This will give the book a personalized touch as all students will be a part of the book. A small message by him/her for the students will be encouraging.

The other layout can be made with small pictures of the teaching staff with messages from each of them

History of Softball

In the latter, scoring is greatly reduced. While the American Professional Slow Pitch League or APSPL became the first professional softball league to play (1977-1982), the Detroit Caesars were the first winners of the professional softball World Series in 1977. History reveals that, in the winter of 1887, when a Yale alumnus pitched a boxing glove at a Harvard supporter on hearing the score of the annual football game at the Farragut Boat Club, the latter grabbed a broom and swung it right back. The Joint Rules Committee on Softball was established in 1934, to standardize the game’s rules and regulations. By the 1930s, softball had made its way across the United States and Canada. The game swept across Europe by 1972. In time, Hancock developed a special softball and bat, and set down rules for the game in 1889. Way back then, the game was referred to as ‘Indoor Baseball’. Today, softball remains a popular sport in elementary and high schools across the globe.



First baseman

Second baseman

Third baseman


Left fielder

Right fielder

Center fielder

The popularity of softball lies in the scope to further modify the rules with each game. The impulsive improvisation made that day was the barehanded fielding of the softball. The commonly observed differences between the two are:

Baseballs are smaller and harder than softballs.

Softball pitches are thrown underhand, unlike the overhand throws displayed in a game of baseball.

Softball is commonly played by women, more than men.

The History

The history of softball dates back to 1887, Chicago, Illinois. While the offense bats to score runs, the defense team fields and attempts ‘run-outs’. The game was officially coined as ‘Softball’ in 1926, by Walter Hakanson. The first game was played with a broom handle for a bat! The first version of the game was played on Thanksgiving Day, by George Hancock. In 1897, the first softball league was organized outside the United States, in Toronto. It is covered with leather or any light, synthetic fabric. While running counterclockwise around the bases, the player is expected to physically touch each one in the order of succession. The softball used today is around 12 inches in circumference. Each inning comprises a ‘top half’ and ‘bottom half’. The game differs from baseball more in application than in regulations. Each one of the official seven innings involve both teams playing ‘offense’ and ‘defense’. The game is now played extensively by men and women across the globe, competitively, as well as for recreation.

Equipment includes a softball, bat, gloves, and protective gear such as a helmet, shin guards, and a chest protector. Today, the International Softball Federation hosts world championships every four years. The outdoor version developed by Rober introduced a 12-inch ball, as opposed to the 16-inch ball used earlier. He intended the game to be a winter version of the American favorite field sport, baseball. During the latter part of the nineteenth century, softball was also referred to as Pumpkin Ball and Diamond Ball.

Rules and Regulations

The game of softball is played on a large field, comprising a distinctly demarcated grass infield, running areas, and an outfield. The field is divided into four bases: first base, second base, third base, and the home plate. By the 1940s, softball was characterized by fast pitching and a lengthened pitch distance. The teams switch roles at each declared ‘half’.. The outdoor game, developed for the Minneapolis firefighters, went by the name of ‘Kitten Ball’. With a score of 44-40, the first softball game came to an exciting end. However, in 1953, the Committee officially made slow pitching compulsory, under the Amateur Softball Association program. The bases are set at a distance of approximately 45 to 65 feet from one another. Under the name of ‘Indoor-Outdoor’, the game was an instant favorite. The objective of softball is to score more runs than the opposing team, by hitting the ball ‘into play’ and covering all the bases. The nine players on the field at a time include:

Softball is a popular US field sport; a descendant of baseball. George Hancock yelled ‘Play ball’, and the first ever game of softball began.

Hancock had knotted the boxing glove into a ball and used a broom handle as a bat. The rules of both these field sports are quite similar. This allows different groups to display and develop expertise in a variety of field skills. The first outdoor version was developed by Lewis Rober, Sr., in the year 1895. Some of the widely accepted variations include one-ball-one-strike, limited home runs, prohibited stealing of bases, and the home-plate-force-out. The rules on the field are adhered to in the presence of one or more umpires. The pitcher’s circle is marked equidistant from the four bases

​Quidditch, the sport of wizards

“It’s absolutely amazing!”

So, is there a personality type for Snitches?

“You know, why do you have to dribble a basketball?” replied Browne. “They try to fight it. Anna Werner attended last year’s contest, where she saw an author’s imaginary game come to life:

And yes, there will be Quidditch trading cards!

And does he enjoy it? “Yeah, you know, it’s therapeutic!” he laughed.

Even with all these undeniable displays of athleticism, Quidditch still doesn’t get much respect. “We like to do a lot of fun stuff. Snatching that “Snitch sock” still ends the game, but getting hold of it can be a real challenge.

It’s even been the subject of a documentary called “Mudbloods” (a Harry Potter reference, of course).

“People get passionate about it because they grew up with Harry Potter,” said one fan.

Earthbound Quidditch still has hoops and balls. And they try to ignore it and block it out. Sadly, players can’t fly. Rowling was ready to line up. Instead, they simply hold a broomstick between their legs. And I just thought to myself, ‘There’s no way this is gonna work. In the movie “The Internship,” Quidditch is a game that’s played for laughs.

Then there’s the role of that little golden ball with wings, called the Snitch. “And for whatever reason, Quidditch isn’t socially acceptable yet.”

“A little bit like a rodeo clown?”

So what is the point of having the broom between your legs, if you can’t fly?

But he and his girlfriend, Missy, claim since it’s co-ed, Quidditch is great for couples.

He also addressed an obvious concern: “I think everyone recommends wearing a cup, and no one does.”

CBS News

Quidditch, anyone? No idle question in Columbia, South Carolina, where a big championship match is underway this weekend. He’s been playing since 2005, when a classmate at Middlebury College turned to him with an idea: “‘This weekend, we’re gonna try and play real-life Quidditch,'” Benepe recalled. It’s coming!”

“There are sports that are socially acceptable,” said Browne. “I will be right at the front of the queue wanting to see Quidditch,” she said. But it’s one of those things — you can’t fight it. “It’s awesome. This is gonna be so dumb!'”


Thousands are playing an earthbound version of the game introduced by Harry Potter – and broomsticks are still a necessity.

Not so dumb after all. We like to pump up the crowd.”

And now Potter-mania has spawned another craze, one based on the high-flying fantasy game played by Harry and his friends called Quidditch, which has now jumped from the world of wizards to the playing fields of Rock Hill, South Carolina.

“Yeah, that’s actually not too far off. It’s really cool!”

Who would have thought this sport would catch on? Well, even before any of the eight blockbuster Harry Potter movies were made, author J.K. Alex Browne and Missy Sponagle admit the broom thing takes some getting used to.

CBS News

“Usually extroverted,” said Brian. Rowling’s creation became the most popular book series in publishing history, with over 450 million copies sold — and one of the biggest movie franchises in film history, with nearly $8 billion in ticket sales.


Dignified? Note the ball in a sock hanging off each butt. “We were freshman. “Because I’ve seen this in my head for so many years, and actually that’s the one bit I REALLY want to see!”

“You get a lot of people who resist Quidditch,” said Scheer. The movie laid out the game, with its wizards on broomsticks (“It had to be on broomsticks, it just had to be,” Rowling reasoned), and giant hoops for goals.


Chasers try to score in a Quidditch match.

The documentary introduces Alex Benepe, one of the founders of Quidditch. Dignified rodeo clown!”

“I am working with a group of individuals on starting the first professional Quidditch league,” Scheer said.

What does the future hold for the fastest-growing sport based on a fantasy series filled with wizards and magic wands? With a little help from the Quidditch Referee of the Year, Alex Scheer, Quidditch is going pro.

“My specialty is throwing and tossing [players],” said Nathan.. “‘Cause someone invented the sport and said, ‘You’ve gotta dribble a basketball.’ Why do you have to have a broom between your legs for this? Because it’s Quidditch!”

“I can give her an assist; she can score a goal off my pass,” said Browne. J.K. Catch it, and you end the game! But in real-life Quidditch, snitches are yellow people.

It’s been nearly 20 years since the first Harry Potter book came out and proceeded to cast a spell over fans around the world. Eleven years later, the game is played by thousands of athletes all over the world, although players are often asked some unusual questions, like “What is the snitch? ” “Do you wear a cape?” “How do you fly?” “Do you really use brooms?”

For more info:

CBS News

Yes, real-world Quidditch, complete with players “riding” broomsticks.

“Quidditch has exploded into the college scene and the high school scene all over the world,” said one girl