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Recently an Internet email scammer going by the name of Paul Redman has been contacting various persons and businesses that deal in hay or other agricultural products. People who receive emails from people writing via a public email address should take extra caution in making sure the contact is legit. “This incident represents a change in the way that the Internet scammers are targeting entities in the agricultural business. However, Aden Brook advises people to use caution when responding to contact from strangers. (June 18, 2008) – Aden Brook is sending out a warning to buyers and sellers in the hay industry: Internet scammers are taking the normal hay scams a step further. The scammers are now using the identities of reputable hay businesses to try and lure producers and customers into scam transactions related to the purchase or sale of hay.

The Internet is a great place to do business and will continue to improve the way people do business worldwide. Aden Brook warns the public that it should not under any circumstances enter into transactions with these persons, particularly if the deal seems too good to be true.

Pine Bush, N.Y. These transactions aim to defraud the legitimate party out of money using certified checks, wire and money transfers, credit cards, PayPal, or other standard forms of payment. Theyre stepping up their efforts because people are catching on to the old tricks,” said Nick Fitzpatrick, CEO of Aden Brook. However, victims should report Internet scams when they spot them to


At least for now it has been easy to spot an email from Internet scammers because they dont know the products or terminology used when talking about the products theyre pretending to purchase. .

On a smaller scale, Internet scammers will contact potential victims and inquire about purchasing hay or other products that they may have for sale. The scammers will pretend to be part of an established business or, in some cases, pretend to be employees of other hay companies already in business. He has falsely posed as an employee of Aden Brook Farms and contacted a number of hay suppliers and customers in order to ask them to enter into transactions with him. Our employees also are listed on our websites for the publics reference when they need to verify the name of someone who may have contacted them from our company. In the event that anyone is scammed out of money, law enforcement agencies will not have much to offer, as they are overwhelmed with these cases. “Using the names of companies that do reputable business is a more sophisticated trick that has scammed even large Wall Street investment banks out of millions,” added Fitzpatrick, referring to a recent scam that defrauded Lehman Brothers out of over $300 million. We do not use public email servers. He has registered the email address and has copied various text, logos and pictures from the website

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