Mark Whitacre Against All Odds How “The Informant” and His Family Turned Defeat into Triumph

He is also writing a children’s adventure series.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Passionate booklovers and avid readers of distinctive life stories are

in for another inspiring read as author Floyd Perry releases through Xlibris

Mark Whitacre Against All Odds, a remarkable biography

that takes you into the cavernous spaces of Whitacre’s mind and brings

alive the universal condition of the human heart in conflict with

itself–but from the executive suite.

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Mark Whitacre Against All Odds* by Floyd Perry

How “The Informant” and his Family Turned Defeat into Triumph

In this touching story about the highest-level whistleblower of all

time, Whitacre tells all: why he committed crimes while a corporate mole

for the FBI, how he went beyond mere acceptance of responsibility for

those crimes, and how, via faith in God and the patient love of his wife

Ginger, Whitacre became an inspiring spiritual force for good in the

world. His

next book, The Den of Infinite Sadness, is due out in


Learn why Whitacre is called a national hero and a spiritual

inspiration. Discover how he became dedicated to living in accordance

with spiritual principles that apply to everyone. Written with finesse and passion, this book reveals the family’s

perspective, especially how Ginger kept Whitacre alive. Through her, his

story begins where most other men’s, once incarcerated, ends–prison. Liberated after nearly a decade in prison,

Whitacre’s essential message is simple–live by the Golden Rule, tell the

truth, look for the good in everyone, and know that spiritual wealth is

far more important than material wealth.

Publication Date: July 31, 2009

Trade Paperback; $19.99; 292 pages; 978-1-4415-4132-1

Trade Hardback; $29.99; 292 pages; 978-1-4415-4133-8

. Well-turned, candid,

and sincere, Mark Whitacre Against All Odds is one of the

best of the world’s tell-alls–as genial, eccentric, and unique as

Whitacre’s life. It

shows how Whitacre got down on his knees in a filthy cell and begged God

for guidance; how, from that moment on, fear and doubt vanished in the

midst of doing hard time. Read this book and discover how faith and family helped

one man triumph against overwhelming obstacles.

Floyd Perry (pen name) met Whitacre in 2003 in federal prison camp

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