How to Find a Compelling Book Idea

This is where memoirs come in.

In a memoir, you can deal with those elements of your life that make a good story. Highlight the one that most excites you.

If your whole life has been interesting and unusual, you could choose to write an autobiography. Biography

Don’t worry, because all of us have some interesting times or episodes in our lives, or we can make them interesting by writing about them well. Memoirs and Autobiography

Do you have a story worth telling? If you do, you’re already ahead of the game. Include events from your childhood, your teenage years, your adulthood, your family life. Highlight the one that you can turn into the best story.

Like fiction, non-fiction books come in a variety of types. So if you worked for 10 years in a tough city school, you can write about that. You may find something else you’d like to write instead – or as well.. This tends to be more formal than a memoir, taking the readers from your birth to the present day, and including all the bits in between.

1. Or you can write about rearing an unusual pet, or suffering an illness, or moving to a new place.

Books about other people, or biographies, take more research than writing about yourself. Clearly the main expert qualified to write about your life is you.

2. But they can be just as fascinating to write.

Compile a list of interesting incidents, events and times in your life. You may be drawn towards writing one sort, but take a look through the whole list. You can write about a family member – a grandparent perhaps – or you can write about a friend or neighbour, or your hero, or a historical figure.

But what if you don’t believe your whole life has been interesting?

Whereas an autobiography includes your date of birth, place of birth, details of your parents and siblings, a memoir can include some of those facts – or none of them.

Over the next few days, make a list of people you could write about

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