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Keeping note of how he performs can help you to recognize his habits. To do this, you erect a wall of checkers covering at least six points on the board. If you want to be extra aggressive, try blocking your home board as soon as you can which will prevent your opponent from reintroducing checkers to the board.

Are you familiar with the rules on how to play backgammon but lack confidence to really improve your backgammon game? Online backgammon is as much about attitude as it is about skill. A useful tip if you are “Running” is to keep your checkers in pairs to avoid hits.

If your opponent is in a more favorable position than you are, you may be able to distract him from his game plan by applying the “Backgame” and “Holding” strategies. Now we’ll take a look at some specific backgammon strategies to help you improve your game. This strategy can often force a confident player into defensive mode and give you valuable time to catch up to him.

If you follow this advice, you can increase the enjoyment you get when you play backgammon, as well as increase your success at backgammon gambling.

. The latter involves attempting to hit your opponent’s checkers as he brings them toward his home board. The following tips and pointers are designed with you in mind. If you want to prevent your opponent from transporting his checkers safely to his home board, you can adopt the “Priming” strategy. Does he have an aggressive or defensive backgammon strategy? Is he confident to bet large sums of money on his game? How does he use the backgammon board to his advantage and which common escape routes does he use to deflect your game plan? The answers to these questions can help you pre-empt your opponent’s next move and will reduce his chances of winning.

Lastly, if it appears that you are in the strongest position to win the backgammon game, why not try the “Running” strategy? This is simply moving your checkers as fast as you can around the board while keeping a wary eye out for your opponent’s traps. You may be an experienced player or a skillful novice, but if you don’t take chances you’re unlikely to reach your full potential. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned backgammon fan but a little out of practice? Regardless of your circumstances, you can substantially increase your success at the game by using some of the following strategies in your game.

One of the best pieces of advice any backgammon professional can give you is to study your opponent’s game plan. Try and learn as much information as you can on his strengths and weaknesses. The first relates to the construction of two or more anchors in your opponent’s home board. Maybe you’re new to the world of internet backgammon or you’ve just finished playing your first backgammon board game

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