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Therefore the casinos are examined for the customers especially regarding reliability, transparency and security. CasinoDetektiv.com: A mobile-friendly Casino guide for Online Gambling

The new virtual guide www.casinodetektiv.com for great, safe and above all reputable Online Casinos has been launched. He provides its readers with detailed results and offers valuable insights into this section of entertainment.

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S. This website was created in responsive design and is therefore easily available for the user at any time from a PC at home or by a smartphone on the move.

The German-speaking gambling market is still growing and last year an incredible sales volume of about 70 billion Euros was generated. This guide will help any interested user to choose the best deals on real money games, and also for those without the use of money.

On www.casinodetektiv.com you can find the latest slot games, 3D games and casino classics like Blackjack and Roulette, both for computer PC, smartphones and tablets. In view of the fact that the German gambling market shows a rapid and steady increase of sales, online and offline. Funke, +44 (0)20 7566 3939

. CasinoDetektiv.com imparts profound know-how and makes learning about new casino games and modern internet casinos simply and comprehensible.

The aim of the owners of the new comparison website is to carefully examine online casinos with a specially developed assessment procedure. A visit to this new casino comparisons website is very worthwhile, not only for real money players but also for those who like to play for fun.

The Casino Detektiv himself has also explored the numerous payment methods, such as PayPal and Paysafecard, as well as the many non-transparent bonus offers of online casinos. It is particularly important for the evaluation on www.casinodetektiv.com whether the operator has a solution for smartphone and tablet users.

Through extensive tests, negative experiences should be spared to those who are interested in online casinos and the user will be allowed to enjoy a carefree modern entertainment. This new website provides all relevant information, but also delivers detailed background knowledge of the best and most popular online casinos that are currently found on the internet. The casino provider’s gamings licence, fairness in payment service and gameplay, modern and fast payment options, comprehensive and high-quality online casino games, professionally German-speaking customer service as well as lucrative and understandable bonus-offers for all casino customers are other criteria for the assessment of the Casino Detektiv

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